• nexti:Service
    digitise your customer service

    Version 5.5 is already in the App Store

  • Automatic

    Transmit repair and service reports
    without errors

  • Integrated
    route planning

    Optimal day planning
    with just a few taps of the finger

  • Complete

    All required information
    on one document

  • Detailed
    device file

    View article parts list at any time and
    work directly with all machine data

Maintenance, service and customer support on the iPad

Our field service solution for organising your field service technicians. From order management and route planning to time recording and material management – the app for your customer service.

The Service Technician App:

Work fast and error free

Service order planned, maintenance documented, required material recorded, working hours and expenses added: done!
All information is automatically transmitted and can be calculated on the same day.

Record times & material

Book working hours, travel times and material on your service or maintenance orders.

Checklists and forms

Fill out your forms or checklist protocols easily and quickly on the iPad as usual.

Transparent planning

Clearly displays the service orders for the day or the whole week. Quick rescheduling possible at any time. The head office is informed about the progress of the work.


You always have all documents related to the project at hand (images, data sheets, drawings, access data, device file).
If necessary, you can complete the documentation on site and add photos on site, for example.

Offline capability

Our app works 100% without network. All data is available offline on the iPad.

Seamlessly integrated into ERP system

Customer references

nexti App mapped our functional requirements very well. After a few months of use, no one wants to do without the app.

Many things become very simple and intuitive to use. We would make our decision the same way again and again!
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By using the nexti App, the workload for field and office staff has been minimised enormously. The program provides all relevant customer data at a glance and thus simplifies the sales conversation, strengthens customer loyalty and facilitates order entry! Swiss Eye International GmbH

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View the app

In this video, we show you the process of how service technicians handle your service orders using our app.

The app supports the typical process of a delivery trip, simplifying the work of a delivery driver.

When planning visits, the planned route with distance kilometres is displayed on the map.

Get a comprehensive overview of your customer data and bring order to your records.